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Our Environment : Wind Turbines


Reducing our Carbon Footprint b


Our Environment


As Ireland’s Leading Energy Efficient Window & Door Manufacturer, we are the “First in Ireland” leading the way with 4 Megawatts of Self Wind Generation on a manufacturing site. We are now the leader in the nation’s race to reduce it’s carbon footprint. Our products enable our customers to save on their own energy bills and reduce their own Carbon Footprints as we reduce ours.


In 2005: We reviewed our energy costs. With rising oil and gas prices and the likely introduction of carbon taxes, we felt that it was imperitive to examine a means of hedging our future energy costs and simultanously reducing our carbon emissions.

In 2009: We completed the installation of the Wind Turbines making a reality the benefits of reducing our carbon emissions, this also reduces the cost of electricity which is very timely given the current recession.


During 2009 we also commissioned the CHP plant which is fuelled by sawdust and timber offcuts from the joinery. Any fuel other than oil/gas are termed “Biomass” and are a “Green Energy Source”. The plant is capable of generating up to 12 Megawatts Thermal (12MW Heat) which is used for space heating and process heating throughout the plant. There is an electrical generator fitted which can produce up to 2.8MW of Electicity. ¬


Some Interesting Facts:

  • The turbines have provided us with up to 30% of our total energy requirements during May to Nov 2009
  • About 77% of the electricity generated by the turbines was consumed directly on-site with the surplus electricity generated being exported to the grid (possibly directly to your home!).
  • The turbines have displaced about 4,500 tonnes of CO2 during the first 6 months (Equivalent to 2,000 cars off road per year).
  • The output from the turbines is equivalent to powering over 2,200 homes per year.


Ariel footage of Wind Turbines at our headquarters


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