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Passive House Certification

Munster Joinerys PassiV uPVC window has recently been certified as a “Passive house suitable” component by the Passive House Institute – the German based global certification authority for passive housing.


PassiV House Certification

Our Passive House Certification


The first time an Irish window manufacturer has achieved this certification.

Passive houses do not utilise a separate heating system. This places huge demands on the quality of building components such as windows. The thermal transmittance of windows may not exceed 0.8W/m²K. This is based on a standard glazing performance of 0.7W/m²K to ensure that the window frame also has to be excellent. The Passive House certificate recognises that the PassiV uPVC window can achieve even better U-values by using more advanced glazing.

Not alone does the PassiV uPVC Window meet this exacting standard, it achieves the “advanced component” efficiency class. The Passive House Institute classifies products which it considers to be suitable for Passive Housing as either phC for a certifiable component, phB for a basic component or phA for an advanced component. The Passiv uPVC window achieved a phA efficiency class.

The PassiV uPVC window is extremely competitive when compared with other Passive windows which means that the dream of a Passive building which uses little or no energy is now available to everyone. Up to now, windows for Passive Housing have been imported for the Irish market from Austria or Germany adding huge cost to the build. We hope that this range of windows will help make passive standards more accessible to Irish builders and homeowners.

Munster Joinery is now among the largest manufacturers of energy efficient windows and doors in Europe. Founded in 1973, the company has grown year on year, with the continuous development of new products, materials and processes and now operates in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. The company has a 910,000sq ft production facility on a sixty five acre site in Ballydesmond Co. Cork with another 230,000sq ft on a twenty acre site at Wellesbourne in the UK. The company employes 1600 people.

We are conscious of the need to reduce our carbon footprint and manage our natural resources effectively. Our production facility in Ballydesmond gets much of its day to day power needs from two wind turbines on site with an electrical output of 4.2MW and a biomass steam turbine with an electrical output of 2.8MW. The installation achieves a carbon saving of more than 9,000 tonnes annually.



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