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Munster Joinery looks to the future and is environmentally responsible at all times.

We use cutting edge technology to offer our customers eco friendly products. We provide the ultimate in thermal efficiency with several products meeting Passiv House standards.

At Munster Joinery we recognise the increasing importance of waste management and recycling in the Joinery Industry. We have a dedicated ‘Waste Management and Recycling’ Division. As a company we are fully self reliant in dealing with all waste and packaging products and all recyclable materials on site.  We have also developed an integrated approach to resource efficiency to ensure the most effective use of natural resources.

We have embarked on sourcing a solution for our energy requirements that will significantly reduce our carbon footprint. In the 2000’s we reviewed our energy costs. With rising oil and gas prices and the likely introduction of
carbon taxes we felt that we needed to examine means of limiting future energy costs and simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. We have invested heavily in solutions to produce our own energy.

This has culminated in the installation of two wind turbines on our manufacturing site in 2009. These two wind turbines of 2.1 megawatts each are capable of powering 2,260 homes annually. The installation will
easily achieve annual savings of over 9,000 tonnes of carbon emissions showing Munster Joinery’s commitment to protecting our environment.

In that year we also commissioned the CHP plant which is fuelled by sawdust and timber off cuts from the joinery. Any fuel other than oil/gas are termed “Biomass” and are a “Green Energy Source”. The plant is capable of generating up to 12 Megawatts Thermal (12MW Heat) which is used for space heating and process heating throughout the plant. There is an electrical generator fitted which can produce up to 2.8 Megawatts Electrical (2.8MW Electricity). This has resulted in huge reductions in our carbon footprint and our energy costs.


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We offer vertical sliding sash windows in both Timber and uPVC. These windows give the thermal performance of the best modern windows while retaining the character of the traditional sliding sash