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As part of its commitment to improving the energy efficiency and reducing the Carbon emissions of buildings the UK government has set out to develop the Future Homes standard to achieve this. In December 2023 the results of consultation on the standard were published.It was widely expected in the industry that this would signal a move to a window U-value of 0.8W/m2K making triple glazing a minimum requirement. This in fact did not happen and it appears the maximum U-value requirement will remain at 1.2W/m2K as currently required to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.

The consultation also proposes replacing the existing SAP calculation tool with a more sophisticated Home Energy Model. The current SAP model uses window U-values calculated on the basis of a standard window configuration – the GGF window – 1230mm x 1480mm with an opening sash beside a fixed pane. The Home Energy Model will require U-values to be calculated on the basis of actual window sizes. The UK market trends towards smaller windows than the GGF model which have a greater frame proportion and less glazing. This will mean a need for higher performing glass.

The newly introduced Part O of the Building Regulations in regard to overheating in buildings is also being reviewed which may lead to wider application of the regulation. Controls currently apply in London and areas of Manchester. Further extension might well increase the need to use solar control glasses. In conjunction with this there may be changes to Part F of the Building Regulations in relation to ventilation.

The Future Homes standard is likely to be published in 2024 , coming into force in 2025 with a 12 month transition period. Draft versions of Approved Document L and Approved Document F are currently available on the www.gov.uk website


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